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Customer Service FREE Chatbot Template

Immediate responses to common customer questions without human involvement.

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FAQ Bot FREE Template ready-to-use

Quick answers to customers’ earlier queries will make the following chatbot’s responses more effective.

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Lead Generation FREE Chatbot Template

Boost customer satisfaction while simultaneously generating new qualified leads for your own business.

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Chatbot FREE Template to get Customer Rating

A key factor for any business is customer satisfaction. Collect surveys automatically!

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Try our no-code open source chatbot builder. It is easy-to-use, totally custom and FREE (forever)!

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Treat yourself to this game-changer feature: No-code chabot design studio. Meaning? Tailored chatbots from head to toe thanks to open source technology. Anything else? Throw in some conversational app building, too.

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Free Built-In Chatbots

Design your first customized chatbot without writing a single line of code.

Unleash the power of our built-in chatbots to boost your customer service. Qualify leads faster, instantly respond to your users with content from your FAQs, pass control to a human operator, and many more. Are you wondering "How"? Have a look at the page below:

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Conversational Ticketing Platform

Handle your customer issues by creating email tickets that will be managed and solved by your human agents. Provide a seamless experience to your customers.
The link below contains all you need to know about tickets:

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Merge all the most important messaging channels in a single Communication Hub

Thanks to our Unified Messaging interface, your human agents will have all the conversations from Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and many other channels at their fingertips.
Experience a unified inbox across all channels and for the entire team. Dive in using the link below:

Discover our unified inbox for all messages

Tiledesk is

We created Tiledesk as an open-source stack to provide a conversational platform that prioritizes privacy and lets companies keep their own data. Meanwhile, it promotes standardization, speeds up innovation, and makes it easier for thousands of developers worldwide to exchange technical knowledge.

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