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Hello everyone! Are you looking for a way to provide an enhanced customer experience? If so, then chatbots might be just the thing for you. Chatbots provide various benefits for customers, from convenient 24/7 customer service to personalized experiences.

Success stories from customers can provide vital information about a product’s features, advantages, limitations, and potential benefits. You may learn more about a product or service by reading about other consumers’ experiences.

It can also help you assess the quality and reliability of a product or service.

Customer success stories help with understanding, decision-making, and issue avoidance. We’ll go into the challenges and achievements of Go To College Fairs.

Chatbot success stories are inspiring.

The narrative started after the COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacted college search, making it crucial for students to find the proper balance. High school students may feel overwhelmed with many options and pressure to make the right choice.

Parents, professors, friends, and college counselors ask them various questions. Which college is right for them, which majors to consider when to begin applying, and how to start the search.

The pandemic created new challenges that complicated things, such as changes to standardized testing requirements and limitations on on-campus visits. Students must seek support and resources to manage the situation and make wise decisions during these challenges.

Go To College Fairs Solution

Go To College Fairs has been providing valuable resources for students searching for colleges. They can’t give a definite answer on which school to choose, but they offer students comprehensive solutions to their questions.

Go To College Fairs has made it easier for students to explore colleges by launching a new virtual college fair platform. This platform can be considered as a help desk auto-reply example.

As the virtual college fair platform gained more support, Go To College Fairs needed more communication options. The surge in interest has meant more questions and requests for support than ever before.

To address this, Go To College Fairs has been actively working to improve its communication channels. They use email and social media to provide timely and helpful information and student assistance. By doing so, Go To College Fairs hopes to continue providing high-quality support to students in their college search process.

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Implementation process

Greg Lazzaro, product manager at Go To College Fairs, provides two quick and easy options for connecting students with fair organizers.

First option

He could build a software platform from the ground up. Building a platform from scratch is complex and time-consuming. It involves designing the database structure, creating algorithms, and testing the platform to ensure it functions without errors.

Besides technical challenges, creating a platform must consider factors like finances, time, and customer expectations. Along with technical proficiency, the person carrying out this duty must successfully organize, strategize, and manage their resources.

Second option

He could partner with an existing software platform. At this point, he needed a solution to manage the communications and interactions relevant to their software platform. This is where Tiledesk stepped in, providing a service that catered to his particular requirements.

He could more efficiently handle the many interactions and conversations by leveraging Tiledesk’s features. This included handling student queries and responding to support requests. Tiledesk helped centralize and streamline these operations, making them more efficient and effective.

Benefits of chatbots for customers and businesses

Let’s take a quick look at how chatbot benefits driven by artificial intelligence (AI) may help businesses.

  1. Chatbots can automate daily tasks and respond quickly and accurately to frequently asked questions.
  2. Allowing the customer support team to focus on more complicated or high-value tasks
  3. Chatbots are ready to answer 24/7, in real-time, without waiting time
  4. Chatbots with auto-responding feature help clients without considering business hours.
  5. Customer support via chatbot platforms is a cost-effective option
  6. Chatbots can collect, store and analyze data on customer interactions
  7. During conversation flow and customer journey, chatbots qualify leads for the sales team.

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The market for chatbot builders is so competitive, and making the right decision could be complicated.

I organized virtual college fairs for Go To College Fairs and had to choose a chatbot software for our customer service needs. After considering various options, I decided to go with Tiledesk.

Greg Lazzaro

Let’s see what the reasons for choosing Tiledesk were:

  • One of the critical factors in his decision was the effortless compatibility of Tiledesk’s software with their virtual fair venue. Tiledesk’s platform was seamlessly integrated with the virtual venue, making it easy for fair organizers to access customer satisfaction. The simple interface of Tiledesk’s platform also made it easy for the fair organizers to set up and manage their chatbot.
  • Another reason Greg chose Tiledesk was its open-source nature. They customized the chatbot to meet their unique requirements, like developing custom workflows and integrating it with other tools and platforms.
  • Finally, Tiledesk’s pricing model was also a key factor in the decision. The platform offered a cost-effective solution for Go To College Fairs’ customer support needs without sacrificing features or capabilities.

Chatbots Can Revolutionize Your Business: Boosting Customer Service, Saving Time and Money, and Increasing Engagement & Leads

Help Desk auto-reply examples

The outcomes of utilizing Tiledesk:

After integrating Tiledesk’s software into their operations, Go To College Fairs saw a significant improvement in customer support response time. An automated chatbot for website can provide instant assistance to your customers. Tiledesk’s routing feature quickly directed requests to the right department, resulting in faster incident resolution times for Go To College Fairs. This decreased incident response time from minutes to seconds and improved the service quality for fair attendees.

I’m thrilled to share that thanks to our integration with Tiledesk, we’re now able to answer 87% of your inquiries with lightning-fast chatbots! This means our support team can focus on the more complex issues, while you get quick, personalized assistance around the clock. And the best part? It saves us both a ton of time and energy, so we can invest in making your learning experience even better.

Greg Lazzaro

Go To College Fairs chose Tiledesk for their chatbot needs because of its easy usability and customization for multiple customers. Tiledesk offers painless personalization options that give customers a unique look and feel for their chatbot interface. Tiledesk’s customization feature benefits Go To College Fairs’ top clients by providing them with a personalized chatbot experience.

Go To College Fairs can provide their clients with a more efficient service by using Tiledesk’s AI chatbot for virtual fairs. The chatbot becomes better at helping students over time as it learns their needs, reducing the need for customer service representatives. The feature saves the organizers many hours of work each day. This is a significant benefit, as virtual college fairs can be highly complex events with many attendees and numerous queries.

I have worked with many AI chatbots and consider Tiledesk’s platform one of the best. Says Greg, the organizer of Go To College Fairs.

Greg Lazzaro

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