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We all heard that “Time is money,” but how can business owners make free time for themselves? Business owners face many challenges regularly, and once their business grows, they need more time to handle all the internal and external issues daily. We here introduce the best chat widget for website to manage customers’ problems without human intervention.

Our R&D team interviews our customers from time to time to understand what tools and products are essential for our customers. Let’s read together the story of Wanderlog, a company that could answer 52% of customer inquiries with chatbots and saves close to 30 hours of support-agent time every month.

Stories are important; they spark our imaginations, allowing us to be creative, discover, and explore. Explore this exciting client narrative and learn from Peter Xu, Founder of Wanderlog. He picked Tiledesk and had a hugely good influence on customer service, lead generation, and revenue. 

Some words about Wanderlog

Wanderlog is the most user-friendly method to plan and enjoy travel. Create an itinerary, communicate with friends, plan your bookings, and manage your trip with the assistance of hundreds of blogs, guides, and maps. In addition, by creating your own travel guide to your favorite places, you may record previous travels and share your expertise with others. 

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Defining the problems:

An agency like Wanderlog may face many customer requests around the clock. Their customers start conversations from different channels regardless of the time zone. Managing lots of conversations manually takes time and effort. 

They’d started using different automation tools like Drift to manage these conversations with auto-replay features. Although they knew the solution was automation, they faced difficulties in the implementation process. 

We have users asking for support on our website and mobile app. We’d been using Drift but realized that tons of our answers were to the same few questions. We wanted to reduce our manual support load using automation and message matching and thought about building our own system, but we found that Tiledesk’s auto-reply features worked great!

Harry Yu

Deciding about a chatbot builder

Choosing a chatbot builder would be hard, as many competitors compete together toughly. Each of these competitors has its own mindset about the market needs, and they develop their products based on their perceptions. Also, once a conversation starts on your website, chatbots are the first player to provide an instant response. They can solve the question entirely by themselves or give an answer from the knowledge base, or the customer need more help; Chatbots will transfer the conversation and all the necessary information to a live agent to solve the customer’s problem.
Considering all these features, you should know that a chatbot makes the first impression of your customer service and should work perfectly.

We’d previously used Drift but considered switching to a few alternatives. Tiledesk had the better bot compared to competitors like Chatwoot – for their bot, you had to use Dialogflow, while the import flow for Tiledesk, where you feed in the questions and answers, worked well for us. The pricing was very reasonable. We also liked that Tiledesk was open source, as we’ve also had good experiences using Gitlab and Posthog.

Harry Yu

Implementation process

As we discussed before, Wanderlog’s experts knew they needed automation, but they faced difficulty implementing and taking the most advantage of other companies like Drift. 

We have heard from our customers before that they have shifted from other companies to Tiledesk because of the difficulties in implementing and using different products. We at Tiledesk believe we should prepare all the documents, tutorials, and customer support channels to make everything as easy as possible for our customers. Our customers are mainly small and medium size companies that need a really straightforward solution. To make this purpose a reality, we provide many channels and features, which we will mention in the link below:

Integration with Tiledesk’s solutions was effortless! The APIs were well-documented, and the widget worked well out of the box. Honestly, there were fewer quirks than integrating with the Drift widget we used to use.

Peter Xu

Chatbot templates

Although our customers can freely create chatbots as many as they want with our open-source framework, we also offer many valuable chatbot templates that you can use. Our expert creates these templates with different purposes to illustrate the chatbot features and provide some ideas for improvements. You can freely use these chatbot templates and customize them according to your business in the link below:

Free chatbot templates

Wanderlog experience about our chatbots

Honestly, I love when our customers share positive results after integrating our solutions. We worked hard to provide something valuable for companies, and all our efforts would be meaningful when we see our customer progress.

We employ Tiledesk’s chatbots! We already had a set of sample questions/answers that we gave to our support agents to copy/paste from. We just fed in that whole dataset via a spreadsheet, and it worked! We’ve operationalized it so support agents can add their replies after review.

Peter Xu

Chatbots are very effective with simple and repetitive tasks and can manage multiple conversations in multiple languages. It means you have more free time to do critical things instead of answering the same daily questions.
Let’s have a look at some of Wanderlog’s progress:

• Bots handle 52% of conversations without ever reaching our human agents.
• Save 30 hours of support-agent time over a month for our startup.

Peter Xu

Take advantage of this chance and start automating customer service with the best chat widget for website.

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