It’s all about space. As more space you have as much useful things you can put inside.

It’s all about the Console. The old menu was too big that many features suffered about usability. So we refactored everything from scratch.

And the new menù was also a great opportunity to introduce our first Product tour feature, so you can get an overview of the product on the first login!

The new side menu is so slim that your user experience will totally change while using the Tiledesk Console. It stays there, always on, never invading your working space, whether you are working with your favourite chatbot or when you are check the working queues with the Real Time Conversations Monitor 😎

Working with chatbots in the new menu

What about your Settings menù? Where is it right now? Well, just press the gear icon on the bottom. It will open the new Settings panel, a refactored component with his own sub menu!

The new Settings component, with his own menu

And the menu is big only if the page is big enough to engage with his dimension. If the page shrinks, the menu understands he his not the main character, and will resize accordingly! It just becomes a list of intuitive icons.

Obviously the menu automatically adapts to the user role, so agents will see something different from admins, as in the following figure, where you can see less options available:

The agent’s menu has reduced options set compared to users with admin roles

The Chat tool

A big improvement also for the chat tool that finally shares the same menu as the dashboard to become a first class component of the Tiledesk Console for a seamless integration with all the other tools.

The chat tool shares the same Console menu

With this important improvement we will provide a better user experience to all Tiledesk users, with more space for all the tools and expandable sub menus.