Collect Leads and Increase ROI with a Chatbot for Sales and Marketing

Chatbots are powerful marketing tools that can help businesses increase their sales and engagement. Chatbots for sales and marketing can use AI to deliver tailored product suggestions, customer segments, content sharing, and lead capture.

Chatbot for Sales and Marketing

How Much Money Are You Leaving on the Table?


Chatbot for Sales and Marketing

Generate More Leads and Grow Revenue with Chatbot for Sales and Marketing

Imagine creating your own chatbots for sales and marketing without coding, just by dragging and dropping. That’s what Tiledesk lets you do, with a visual interface and hundreds of free templates for different sales and marketing scenarios to choose from.

What is Chatbot for Sales and Marketing, and Why do You Need It

Chatbot for sales and marketing is a software program that can talk to your prospects and customers. It can make your customers happy, loyal, and repeat buyers by offering personalized and timely support.

Automate Your Lead Generation Process

With chatbots, you can automate the boring and repetitive tasks of lead generation, such as getting contact details, segmenting leads, and sending follow-up messages. Believe me, chatbots are the master of lead generation.

Chatbot for Sales and Marketing

Deliver Personalized Customer Experiences

Chatbots can deliver personalized customer experiences by using data from your CRM, website analytics, and other sources. They can adjust their responses based on each customer’s context, preferences, and history. Chatbots can also suggest products, upsell and cross-sell, and ask for feedback.

Scale Your Sales and Marketing Efforts

They can scale your sales and marketing efforts by handling many conversations at once without losing quality or speed. They can also save time and money for your human agents, allowing them to focus on harder and more valuable tasks.

chatbot for sales

What Tiledesk Chatbots for Sales and Marketing Offer

Ready-To-Use Chatbot Templates for Different Sales and Marketing Scenarios

Save time and effort using our free chatbot templates covering various sales and marketing use cases, such as lead generation, customer service, ecommerce, and more. You can also customize them to fit your brand and business.

Fully Customizable Chatbot Builder to Suit Your Needs and Goals

Create your own chatbot from scratch with our no-code platform that lets you design conversation flows with just one click. You can also add logic, variables, integrations, and more to make your chatbot smarter and more powerful.

Proactive Chat to Engage and Convert Your Visitors

Proactive chat connects you with your website visitors and helps them with personalized messages. You can set up when and where they see these messages based on the web page they are on.

Adaptive Multichannel Technology to Deliver Consistent Conversations Across Platforms

Reach and engage your customers on their preferred channels, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, website, and more. Our adaptive multichannel technology will automatically adapt your conversation flow to the standards of each channel.

Comprehensive Support and Training to Help You Succeed with Chatbots

Get access to our extensive documentation, tutorials, and communities to learn how to build and optimize your chatbots. You can also contact our support team anytime for any questions or issues you may have.

See How Tiledesk Chatbots for Sales and Marketing Have Increased the ROI of Businesses Like Yours

Chatbot and Customers Engagement tool

With Tiledesk, it’s easy to use the Live Chat feature to increase Customer Engagement and also, Generate Leads, and Increase Sales and marketing activities. I use Tiledesk Chatbots to respond to complex customer queries, automating customer support quickly. It’s simple and fast to use and navigate.

Sales and Marketing Specialist

Generate qualified leads

I recently discovered Tiledesk (the chatbot feature) while comparing similar tools for one of our clients, and I was very impressed with the overall user experience. This is a chatbot solution for anyone looking to generate qualified leads.

The chatbot is very easy to set up and integrates seamlessly with a WordPress website.

Marketing and Advertising

Open-source CX with a future

Tiledesk is great to get going, and I was able to get it to 90% of the expectation in a very short amount of time. The pricing is extremely competitive, and the open-source license is a panacea for commitmentphobes.

Tiledesk was incredibly easy to get up and running, and all of the features just worked.

Sporting Goods, Self-employed

Improve customer interaction

Great customer interaction through its intuitive interface. East to use and understand. All the chatbot service is great to use, and it comes up with advanced AI features to satisfy user needs by all means. Great ticketing management with a live chat experience is just wonderful.

Highly recommend to all businesses to try them.

Management Consulting, 51-200 employees

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