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What is a chatbot?

Whether you notice it or not, we communicate with chatbots daily. Your bank account’s customer support will always respond quickly with a chatbot once you start speaking with them. Then, it could resolve your issue or recommend an appropriate agent. Or, if you visit an online store, you will probably face a welcome message, a chatbot. Here we want to introduce the best free chatbot for Shopify. Let’s dive in.

Chatbots are used by more and more businesses to have the best discussions possible with their customers. Chatbots simultaneously lower the extra costs associated with contact and effectively deploy support teams. Companies save enormous amounts of money and can offer a 7/24 support system with less dependency on human agents.

Chatbots use Artificial intelligence technology to understand what the customer is looking for and try to respond with the most relevant answer. A chatbot is a computer program that acts as a human to execute a conversation. Chatbots provide customer interaction without any limitations like time or location. This makes chatbots appealing for lots of eCommerce. We at Tiledesk offer customized free chatbots for Shopify.

Every online business needs automation because of the following:

  • 7/24 Support
  • Avoid human error
  • Minimize the long queue
  • Lower operational costs
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Agent satisfaction
  • Centralizes information
  • Collecting feedback and making improvements
  • Adoptable conversation
  • Multilingual customer service

Advantages of automated customer service

Shopify and its importance

Shopify is an online store builder. Making your own online store and beginning to sell goods or services is simpler than ever. We all agree that Shopify is one of the most significant players in the eCommerce platform industry. Since you are looking for a free chatbot for Shopify, you probably know well about Shopify and its unique features. You are in the right place, but before moving on, Let’s look at some statistics. Almost all statistics show that it is growing year by year.

What is a Shopify Chatbot?

Chatbots for your online business will attract your attention if you are conscious of the advantages of automated marketing. The purpose of Shopify bots is unknown to many Shopify shop owners. In the rest of the article, we will describe the benefits of a free chatbot for Shopify and then the implementation process. Let’s get started.

Benefits of a free chatbot for Shopify

Chatbots are using artificial intelligence in Shopify to automate communication. Several benefits or motivations to employ chatbots include:

  • Welcome your visitors
  • Lead generation
  • Improved customer support
  • Increased sales and product recommendations
  • Automated marketing
  • Customer engagement
  • Shopping assistant
  • Identify customer preferences and order status
  • Decrease abandoned cart rate
  • Answer repetitive queries in real time
  • Improved customer experience
  • Smoother customer journey


Customers adore these conveniences, but you should know that your competitors might have already started using them. If you have not yet launched automating processes, we strongly advise that you grab the chance to do so by creating a free chatbot.

automation benefits

Best free Chatbot for Shopify features:

All in one option

You need a platform that enables you to integrate chatbots and human agents. Chatbots are fantastic with repetitive questions, but you should remember that some customer problems need a human agent to resolve faster.

Chatbot templates

Free chatbot templates for different industries can boost the implementation process and provide some ideas about the conversations. It is the easiest way to make chatbots, and you can gradually improve it.


Your chatbot should integrate with different communication channels, and some of the media are Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp business, and Telegram. Also, it would be best if you had other integration with third-party apps like Rasa and Zapier.

Artificial Intelligence

One of the chatbots’ fundamental features is getting artificial intelligence’s power. It provides endless benefits. A chatbot can train itself for the following conversation. It can understand customer preferences and recommend suitable products, and also get feedback from the customer. It would increase sales and customer satisfaction simultaneously.

Knowledge base

If you already have a knowledge base system, you can easily integrate it with your chatbots. It facilitates your business by quickly responding to your customer question with relevant articles. According to studies, 76% of customers admire quick responses.

Easy to use

As a business owner, one significant limitation is dealing with hard-to-implement processes or coding. Remember that you, as an owner, must only think about the business plan and money flow. Choosing a simple but powerful chatbot should be one of your priorities. Here at Tiledesk, we provide a free chatbot builder platform, and you can integrate it with your Shopify store in only ONE minute.

Ticketing system

A ticketing system helps your company stand out from the crowd. Customer complaints are addressed more promptly than before. The most incredible option for you would be a chatbot that enables integration with the ticketing system. Due to this, Tiledesk is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses to track the procedures involved in answering client questions.

Multichannel Chatbot Design

Another essential feature is your chatbot should enable you to design the conversation flow once, and it can implement it in many different channels according to their structure. For those that want something more sophisticated than simply a basic widget on their Shopify website, this makes it the ideal Shopify chatbot option.

NPL-based bots

Great chatbots deploy a branch of Artificial intelligence called NPL (Natural Language Processing). This option would sharply cut human agents’ costs because they will assist them by taking over repetitive and time-consuming communications. It makes an intelligent virtual assistant efficient and effective.

Open source option

At first, having chatbot templates are fantastic. You can run a chatbot on your Shopify store immediately. But what if you wanted to make changes once your business gets big and strong? Accordingly, you might need to change codes to improve your chatbot quickly, and then you should consider open source chatbot right now to prevent future costs or transformations.


The market for chatbots builder is so competitive. You must analyze different products, plans, and features to choose the right product. Some big players provide a free plan as a trial, like Intercom, and some provide all the features for free, like Tiledesk. You can quickly look at the apps review website to find the best solution. Here is the result from Intercom and Tiledesk. We highly recommend assessing your needs and then deciding about your chatbot because, in the future, it’s not only a chatbot but the voice of your business.

The implementation process of a free chatbot for Shopify

How to start automation customer communication? It’s easier than ever.

If you have your own Shopify store, it takes only ONE minute to create a chatbot and implement it on your online store.

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