AI in E-commerce: Ecobaby’s Success with Tiledesk

Stories are powerful guides, leading us to make informed decisions based on the experiences of those who have walked this path before us. This is the narrative of one of our e-commerce clients who effectively utilized automation to instantly assist website visitors, successfully converting them into buying customers.

A Closer Look at Ecobaby

Ecobaby is an established Italian e-commerce platform with over a decade of experience. They are deeply committed to promoting organic, natural, and eco-friendly products, offering a broad selection of high-quality items that ensure safety and comfort for children. 

Over the past few years, Ecobaby has experienced significant growth, which has inevitably led to an increase in their customer support needs. As the number of customer requests grew, they were faced with a decision: 

  • to embrace new trends like AI chatbots or 
  • to expand their team with additional hires

ecobaby tiledesk customer story

Ecobaby’s Challenges 

Every day, Ecobaby is inundated with a multitude of messages from customers. These range from inquiries for more product information to requests for order tracking or modifications. Typically, these messages arrive via various channels such as email, chat, WhatsApp, and phone calls, all of which the support team addresses individually. As the company has expanded, so too has the volume of customer requests.

We recognized the need to expand our support capabilities. Aware of the new technologies that could automate customer support, we set out on a quest to find a tool that could not only effectively assist our customers but also bolster our support team. After comparing various chatbot solutions in the market, we chose Tiledesk. Its powerful Design Studio and stellar reputation on various software advice platforms made it the clear choice for us.

Davide Coral, E-commerce Manager at Ecobaby

Davide Ecobaby image

Tiledesk AI-Powered Solution

Tiledesk, an innovative platform for designing and implementing chatbots using drag-and-drop technology, empowers businesses to excel in customer service with AI-powered chatbots. These chatbots can be easily integrated into websites and apps. The Tiledesk bot can be integrated with ChatGPT for various purposes such as generating emails, performing sentiment analysis, producing human-like responses using Large Language Model technologies, and much more.

Ecobaby: Bridging Knowledge Gaps

Our ultimate solution for Ecobaby was designing an intelligent bot powered by ChatGPT 4. This bot uses an action called “Ask Knowledge Base”, which enables it to generate human-like responses using a specific dataset or knowledge base. It behaves like a human agent, attempting to find responses to inquiries within the Ecobaby knowledge base and sharing them with customers.

However, Ecobaby was concerned about customer questions that were not yet documented in their knowledge base. To address this challenge, we added a new condition to their bot, connecting it to another action called “GPT Task”.

The Magic of Conversation Flow

This is where the real magic happens in the conversation flow. The bot first tries to find the answer in the knowledge base. If it can’t find the answer, it asks the customer’s question from ChatGPT 4 and returns the answer to the customer.

This method efficiently resolves customer inquiries using both the Ecobaby knowledge base and OpenAI. If the customer still needs more help, the bot transfers the entire conversation to a human agent for further support.

This approach ensures that no conversation is ever missed and that customers always receive the support they need, whether from the bot or a human agent. It’s a testament to the power of Tiledesk’s AI chatbot in revolutionizing customer support and setting new standards in the e-commerce industry.

AI Chatbot: A Pathway to Boost Customer Loyalty

In a recent interview with Marianna Sellan and Davide Coral, Customer Care Manager and E-commerce Manager at Ecobaby, we delved into the challenges they faced due to the large volume of daily customer support requests and how they overcame them using Tiledesk’s intelligent bots.

Like any other e-commerce platform, Ecobaby requires a high level of customer support. Customers are constantly inquiring about product features, shipping, discounts, and of course, refunds. Being available to answer customer inquiries is critical for e-commerce platforms. Often, customers have doubts before checkout, and if there isn’t instant support available, they may postpone their purchase or choose another e-commerce platform.

No one can attest to this better than Marianna, an experienced customer support manager.

After implementing the Tiledesk bot, we noticed a notable increase in our sales rate. The bots are always available to guide customers, providing them with instant support. This reassures our customers that we are always there to assist them, which has been instrumental in boosting their loyalty towards us.

Marianna Sellan

The Implementation Process

One of the standout features of Tiledesk is its highly user-friendly Design Studio. This platform utilizes drag-and-drop technology to automate conversations and routine tasks, such as sending automated emails when necessary. You can design your ideal bots and integrate them with ChatGPT in a matter of seconds. Additionally, Tiledesk offers dozens of other integrations and automation options for your convenience.

The process of designing and implementing bots was incredibly straightforward. Although support from the Tiledesk team is always available, we found that we could easily implement the system ourselves.

Marianna Sellan

Design Studio

Navigating Ecobaby’s Chatbot Workflow

Undoubtedly, one way to increase customer loyalty is by providing excellent support. Ecobaby’s chatbot offers a variety of options to their customers through four main buttons, each serving a unique purpose:

Advice on Purchase

This button displays all the product categories along with necessary information about them. It also provides a link to their YouTube page, enabling users to view product videos and gain confidence in the product before making a purchase.

Assistance on an Order Already Placed

This crucial feature allows customers to express any issues they might have with a product, whether they need to track their order, have questions about the products, or want to return a product.

Shipping Times and Costs

A common query for all e-commerce platforms is about shipment methods and prices. This button provides necessary information about tracking codes and offers different shipping methods with detailed descriptions.

Speak to a Consultant:

This button allows customers to request to speak with a human agent. It ensures that if something urgent or unpredictable occurs, the customer support team will be informed immediately to provide the best possible support.

This bot provides automated support while keeping human agents as a backup for more complex issues. This combination of bots and human agents guarantees to maximize the efficiency of the support team without the need for additional hires, while also ensuring customers receive instant support.

Even when you’re not available to support your customers, the chatbot steps in, autonomously sending emails to customers to reassure them that you will respond as soon as possible.

One of the biggest benefits of Tiledesk is its ability to send predefined emails to our customers when there are no live human agents available. With this feature, we can rest assured that no conversation will ever be missed.

Marianna Sellan

In conclusion, Tiledesk’s AI chatbot has proven to be a powerful tool for automated customer support and engagement in the e-commerce industry. By providing instant, round-the-clock assistance, it not only enhances the customer experience but also significantly boosts sales. The success story of Ecobaby is a testament to the transformative power of Tiledesk’s AI chatbot. It’s not just about responding to customer queries; it’s about revolutionizing customer support and setting new standards in the e-commerce industry.

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