We have two surprise announcements for our open source Conversational AI platform

Tiledesk open source developer community is growing more and more around the world. It is taking on an increasingly important role in the development of our first-class open source AI Conversational platform (live chat + chatbots) 💬

We continuously receive requests for customisation of our open source conversational AI platform with a multichannel free live chat and built-in chatbots. Sometimes we also get questions about features that are available in the cloud version but not yet present on-premise as well.

Reason why, transparency-wise, we’ve opened up to hundreds of developers using our open source solution on a daily basis and bring it to the highest possible level. This is because we firmly believe that open source means, above all, transparency as well as trust.

📣📣📣 Buckle up, two massive shocking announcements are coming your way:

We are adopting an open source MIT license for all the modules available on  GitHub

…and it doesn’t end here…

…we are switching Tiledesk, open source Conversational AI platform, to a single codebase

As you may know, most of the Tiledesk modules have been licensed till now under GNU Affero General Public License v3.0 (AGPL 3.0) open source license. Moving from AGPL 3.0 to MIT gives our community more degrees of freedom.

This is because a MIT license is a short and simple permissive license with conditions only requiring preservation of copyright and license notices. Licensed works, modifications, and larger works may be distributed under different terms and without source code.

Tiledesk open source MIT license will allow hundred of developers to get more involved with our project.

What does moving to a single codebase mean, on the other hand, for our open source Conversational AI platform?

It means that, from now onwards, the following features will be available for the Community edition too:

▪︎ Multiple projects, which makes it easier to manage live chats with chatbots for multiple websites or apps. This feature is really useful for Agencies, Contact Center, Service Desks and Business Process Outsourcer (BPO). Discover how to manage multiple projects on Tiledesk;

▪︎ Departments that allows to efficiently route visitor’s requests to designated groups. This ensures that your visitor’s messages are always directed to the right agents. For instance, you can create a department for Sales and another one for Post-Sales. Create your first department;

▪︎ Groups to organise customer service teams. You can group agents based on skills and assign groups of agents to your departments. Find out how to create a group;

▪︎ Canned responses that are are predefined responses that can be quickly picked from your own pre-made list during the chat. They help agents avoid delays and save time by not having to type the same answer over and over again. Discover more on our quick guide for canned responses in the human agents live chat;

…and it doesn’t end here EITHER…

We also added the following features to Tiledesk Community edition:

▪︎ Tag chats and requests through labels. They help you categorise and organise all customer communication. Learn how to create a tag and add to chats and requests.

▪︎ No-code triggers to execute custom actions based on events triggered by the platform, all without programming skills.

▪︎ Agents’ activities tracking thanks to the audit log. With this you can solve potential problems by viewing what has been done on the system by a specific agent at a specific time. More info about how to add filters for a complete audit log are available on our knowledge base;

▪︎ Webhooks for getting your own integration with Tiledesk. You can develop a basic integration that reacts to internal Tiledesk events, such as a new incoming chat or a queued visitor. Another typical use case for a webhook integration is connecting Tiledesk to an external CRM, marketing automation tools, or data analytics platforms. For instance, if you’re integrating Tiledesk with a marketing automation tool, you can add a new contact there every time a Tiledesk visitor starts a chat. Check our full webhook documentation on Tiledesk Developer Hub.

Finally, have you ever tried the Tiledesk Community edition? What are you waiting for?

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Michele Pomposo
Michele Pomposo
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