How to improve your customer service with departments

Customer service & Departments

Customer service is a business on its own, including finding ways to always keep up with this industry’s fast pace. And that’s why you shouldn’t neglect it. One of the most popular & modern ways to enhance your customer service these days is through a live chat plugin. The latter will enable 24/7 support directly from your website, where you can also showcase what you’re offering to your customers. But you probably would like to keep the two – sales & support – separate. Thanks to the Tiledesk departments. Here’s how to build a customer service department.

One department, one Team

Good fences make good neighbors, and we at Tiledesk cannot agree more. In order to make clearly streamline your customer’s requests, you can create two different departments for sales and support. That way, you can have a dedicated and trained team that addresses sales-related issues, on one hand. On the other, you’ll have a specific team just for any kind of support request. This will enable the following:

customer service

Faster & more efficient support

Imagine every employee you’ve got receiving any query or requests from your customers. Unfiltered. Imagine how much time it would take them to forward said query or request to the right person or team. You’ll agree that that amount of time could be spent a lot better. Especially when it is a known fact that customers are becoming more and more impatient. Having the luxury of creating dedicated teams based on your business and clients’ needs is a dealbreaker. Create a department and pick the relevant teammates that will be part of it. They will be the only ones to deal with the issues assigned to that specific department.

A smarter way to save time and use relevant agents’ skills

You are the one knowing your employees the best. That’s why you will want to maximize the use of their skill set and knowledge. You can do so by placing the right people in the right departments. Your customers will therefore have their needs met by your agents who have the expertise and the know-how to act quickly. You or your agents will no longer have to get in touch with other colleagues trying to find the right person to help the customer. You’ll minimize yours and your customers’ frustration. Long waiting times no more. Unhappy customers no more.

customer service department

More focused customer care approach

Chaos no more. Once you identify and create the required customer service departments, you’ll notice a huge difference. Your customers will receive immediate care that is specific to their needs. You will sharpen the focus of your customer service approach by providing relevant solutions without going off tangent. This is how you will find your way to your customers’ hearts who will be more inclined to come back to you. Not only focused, but your customer care will become more visible, accessible and approachable.

Automated routing to the right department

Believe it or not, the human intervention of ascertaining which customer conversation belongs to which team is non-existent. Once you set up your teams within your departments, that is all the manual work you’ll ever have to do. From that moment onwards, a sales query will go straight to your sales team which will be empowered to address it right away. This way you’ll convert your website visitors into your actual customers. You can also use our chatbot templates that can be paired up with different departments through automated routing.

sale team department

Less effort, More reward

How to build a customer service department

Here’s how you can build a customer service department in practice. Take a SaaS provider, for example. You probably will need two main departments: sales and technical support. You can naturally add the Finance department if you deal with intricate payment plans. Or simply include the finance-related bits within the Sales department.

The first step is to sign into your Tiledesk account and go straight to your dashboard. From there, go to Settings and then click on Routing & Depts.customer service department

Secondly, click on Add department, add a name and description. You can even choose what will be the teammates to receive requests for a specific department, as below. Importantly, you can activate a chatbot that will automate your customers’ FAQs, for example: check out how.

customer service departments

Once all of your departments are live, you can be sure that your customer service will be taken care of effortlessly.

Sales Department

customer support for sales departmentAny visitor landing on your website will directly and exclusively deal with your Sales team, who will be able to provide all the relevant info, including the pricing, to the customers. With no escalation whatsoever. If the visitor is happy with the answers they’ve received in a timely manner, the likelihood of purchasing your products is relatively high.

Support Department

customer support departmentOn the other hand, once your visitor converts to an actual customer, you can enable a way for them to contact you from within the product dashboard. Whenever they need help, they will get straight to Technical Support, which will promptly assist them. In this scenario, the likelihood of your customers appreciating the readiness and quickness of the assistance will skyrocket.

Overall, it is a win-win situation for both you and your customers, including the potential ones. Tiledesk offers the premium feature of Departments within its Pro Plan they you can check out here.

Otherwise, if you wish to try out everything Tiledesk has to offer – and more – just sign up for a free account below!

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