How to automate the answers to your customers’ FAQs

If you’ve got an online business or simply an e-commerce, you may want to find a smarter as well as hassle-free way to manage your FAQs. Your customer service team will be the first to tell you that repetitive customer questions are time-consuming. Your team could use that time far more profitably for more complex queries. And there’s a way to do so, thanks to the free AI chatbot for FAQ. Automating the answers to the most common questions without having your customer service involved will avoid unnecessary distractions. Moreover, it’ll boost your team’s morale. There’ll be more time to dedicate to more useful tasks involving amplifying your pool of customers or updating your catalogue.

Free AI chatbot for website via live chat software

Nowadays, the market is filled with live chat tools, many of which are cost-free. The main live-chat component is a widget effortlessly installable thanks to a few copy-and-paste lines of code. Moreover, these tools have got a dashboard for you and your teams, either for customer care or technical support. You can also use the dashboard for analytics or any other purpose useful to you. All of your customers’ requests will be centralized in one inbox. It’s where you and/or your teams will be prompted to address them in real time. Something that simple can be highly effective when it comes to enhancing your customer satisfaction rate while also boosting your revenues. Thanks to recurring customers. Reduced time to respond is a guarantee when you use automation tools. and its alternatives

One such tool is, which more than 6 million people all over the world have chosen. Its market share amounts to 9%, according to Wappalyzer. Not only has got a remarkable live chat tool, but also the basic subscription plan is forever free.

Keeping up the pace with the customers demands and needs isn’t always straightforward. The small to medium businesses are trying to be innovative thanks to features such as:

  • repetitive tasks automation which allows to sharpen the focus on higher added-value ones
  • virtual proximity to customers using different communication channels (e.g. WhatsApp, FB Messenger) in addition to own website or app. doesn't support the above features.

Reasons why many have started to look for its valid alternatives. If you’re one of them, this article about 6 Best alternatives, may be just what you’re thinking about. alternatives

How to enable live chat automation for the most repetitive tasks

We’ve mentioned how your and your customer service team’s lives would be much better thanks to the automation tool. Now is the time to explain exactly how. 

But first, let us go through the basics. Have you ever had to draft long product or service descriptions? Do you use a blog section on your website as a way of providing in-depth information about your business? And what about a dedicated FAQs section? Let us guess, despite all your efforts to make yourself as clear and transparent as possible, you still get the same old questions. If you’ve recognized yourself in at least one of the scenarios, despair not and continue reading.

Utilize the content you already have

You’ll be happy to hear that all of the editorial efforts will not go to waste. This is because you can actually take the entirety of your content and make it available to your customers within the live chat window on your website. All in one place, once again. That way, your customers will have the opportunity to get instant answers to their questions. All thanks to AI-powered chatbot automation.

First step towards live chat automation

The first step to take is to sign up with a free live chat provider such as Tiledesk. Made in Italy, Tiledesk prides itself with a robust development of a wide range of live chat features that you can try at 0 cost. Tiledesk enables you to use easy-to-train chatbots that integrate seamlessly with your existing editorial content. Aka knowledge base. Or it can also help you to do so from scratch!

Thanks to chatbots and the automation feature, your customers’ frequent questions within the live chat will be instantly dealt with. The chatbot will draw the answers directly from your knowledge base, imported or not. And you and your team will be free to address more burning and complex issues.

Train your chatbot easily

Once you’ve signed up, the fastest and easiest way to implement AI chatbot against faq is to start training your chatbot is to using FAQs already at your disposal. To import those, you’ll have to create a chatbot in the dedicated section on your dashboard. Choose our built-in chatbot, namely Tilebot, as below.

You will then have to give a name to the bot, select its language and activate it, as below. In addition to Italian, there are many other foreign languages.

free AI chatbot for website.

free AI chatbot for website

Hurray, the bot is now up and running. You’ll then go straight to the training area.

To upload the FAQs, just press the Upload from . csv button (top) in the freshly created chatbot:

free ai chatbot for website

After that you can upload a. csv file with only two columns, containing the FAQs. In the first column the questions, and in the second column the answers. It is paramount to separate the two columns by semicolon (;).

Here's a FAQs .csv example

How long it’ll take for my shipment to arrive; If you’ve chosen the express shipping, it’ll get to you within 48 hrs, otherwise in 3-4 working days.

How much time do I have to return my order?; You’ve got 14 days following the delivery date to return the items recieved.

Can I modify my order?; Since we’ve got ninja packing skills, it is not possible to modify the order once it’s been confirmed.

How long will chatbot be free? Free Forever 😊

I’ve received the wrong item; If one of the items do not correspond to your original order, please get in touch with us at

It is highly recommended not to upload more than 100 pairs of questions and answers as well as to test your chatbot by simulating a visitor by clicking on the green button as below.

You’ll see a new page showing your widget (aka live chat window) where you can simulate a conversation by clicking on New Conversation.

ai live chat

free ai chatbot for website

To learn how to set up the chatbot start-up response just refer to our guide on how to create your first chatbot with Tiledesk.

Nowadays it is also possible to trigger a particular action during a live conversation with simple low-code directives. For example, if you wish to transfer the customer conversation to a colleague because your shift is about to end. Or for whatever reason it may be convenient to do so. Here you can find all the tutorials.

Are the Low-Code directives you’ve just seen  too difficult for you? Would you like to set up your chatbot in an even simpler and more intuitive way? Because you can.

The No-code revolution for chatbot design and conversational apps has just begun!

The new Tiledesk “chatbot design studio” will be go live by the end of 2022. A proper Tiledesk-driven revolution, as anyone can set up their chatbot and create conversational apps to include in the customer engagement flow. The amazing news is that you can accomplish everything that your heart desires, without a single line of code.

New Chatbot Templates

In the meantime, you can already find some chatbot templates, thanks to Tiledesk Conversational Designers Community from all over the world. Take a sneak peek to see if you can adopt one of them for your online business right away!  

Haven’t found what you’re looking for? Ask for a personalized chatbot template!

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