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Are you still searching for free alternatives? Can an alternative to overcome the challenges? Are alternatives free as well?

Some companies have contacted us as an alternative to and asked for complementing features. As a result, we felt inspired to go through’s benefits, limitations, and competitors in greater depth. Let us get started.

Customer communication before live chat

Traditionally, whenever a customer wants to contact customer service to report an issue, they would send an email or fill out a form. Optimistically, an agent would get back to them in a day or two—a very boring and bothersome process from a customer’s point of view.

But guess what? a free live chat widget

Some innovative companies stepped in to tackle the slow communications issue. is one of them. They did a great job in terms of enabling companies to address customer problems in a minute.


They’ve created a conversational marketing tool that enables customers to talk directly and immediately with the customer support team with a live chat widget. Every business owner can integrate their business with the widget and take numerous advantages.

However, new competitors break into the market daily, by filling the gap when it comes to the lack of certain features.

Some of our new clients were previously collaborating with but decided to go with us since does not provide the following:

  • doesn’t support automation. The advantages of automation are enormous, as previously covered.
  • doesn’t support on-premise installation for those companies that need privacy-first needs and the internal network.
  • is not open-source, which decimates the possibility of customizations.
  • Conversational marketing is much more than live chat. doesn’t provide Chatbot powered by AI.
  • Integration with WhatsApp, Facebook, and other messaging channels is essential for the customer service team that doesn’t support. alternatives

We chose the following alternatives to, among many more.

We tried to select alternative according to their features and fair prices. alternatives

1- Tiledesk

Tiledesk is a robust free live chat that allows you to link chatbots with live agents easily, thanks to its open-source chatbot builder. It also provides important integrations with online store builders like Shopify and Prestashop and some big companies that provide automated integrations like Zapier and Dialogflow. These features address a wide range of business needs in relation to customer support and care.

Tiledesk is an alternative to, which not only provides a combination of chatbot and live chat but also is open-source, supports automation, and works on-premise and in a cloud environment.

Key features:

  • Free templates to speed up the implementation process
  • An open-source characteristic for a high level of customization
  • Integration with social media like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, and other communication channels.
  • Integration with Shopify, Prestashop, and WordPress
  • Artificial intelligence-powered free chatbot builder. Chatbots can be easily trained during live customer conversations by automatically passing the time.
  • Ticketing system to enable businesses’ support teams to work efficiently and cut costs.
  • Adaptive multichannel chatbot design. You can design your conversation flow once, and it will deploy with different channels autonomously.
  • A unified messaging inbox. You can manage messages from different channels in a single inbox easily.
  • The knowledge base feature enables your business to respond instantly with knowledge articles. Upload your FAQs on the system to train your chatbots fast to provide more accurate responses.


Free forever

Pro (5€/ Month/ Seat)

Enterprise (Custom)

Reviews: 4.6 * on Capterra

In the article below, we discuss more in detail about the Tiledesk and

Why is Tiledesk the best Tawkto free alternative

2- LiveChat

LiveChat is another alternative to, but it provides more integrations. Also, LiveChat enables agents to talk with more than one customer in real-time, a significant feature for eCommerce to improve customer engagement. It also has other support tools for sales, integrations, and analytics. It is an influential alternative that supports many languages and provides a coherent live chat and help desk package.

Key features:

  • Canned responses, chat tags, file sharing, and other chat tools
  • Eye-catcher, chat buttons, chat history, and customer engagement tools
  • Chat widget customization includes agent profiles and languages
  • Many different reports and analytics like chat reports and data export.


  • LiveChat doesn’t support a combination between AI-powered chatbots and live agents. In this scenario having automation would be more challenging or impossible.
  • NO free plan and the cheap version is limited.


Starter ($24/ Month/ Seat)

Team($49/ Month/ Seat)

Business ($69/ Month/ Seat)

Enterprise (Custom)

Reviews: 4.6 * on Capterra

3- Freshdesk

Freshdesk is a powerful customer service software that offers Freshchat. It is among the best alternatives to, which provides other tools too, and indeed it is an all-inclusive tool in the customer service industry. Like, it doesn’t support on-premise and is not open-source, but it supports automation and many helpful integrations like WhatsApp and Facebook messenger. With this tool, you can provide different reports, ticketing emails, live chat software, AI-powered chatbots, and phone support features.

Key features:

  • Chatbot, website chat widget, and multilingual support
  • Bulk actions, canned responses, and Live translate
  • Assign roles to teammates and customize permissions
  • Performance and custom reports
  • Real-time dashboard


  • Configuration with different apps is somehow challenging, and some users report it.
  • For an eCommerce brand, some data and integrations are essential, which need to be supported by Freshdesk.
  • There are better choices for SMEs considering other competitors’ services and prices.


Free plan

Growth (15€/ Month/ Seat)

Pro (49€/ Month/ Seat)

Enterprise (79€/ Month/ Seat)

Reviews: 4 * on Capterra

4- Tidio

Tidio is another alternative to that deserves your attention. However, it’s not free like but it offers more features like monitoring conversations and integration with the best business software. It is a good option for eCommerce that makes agents work more efficiently.

Let’s learn more about Tidio. Its service includes live chat and chatbot combinations that ensure customer assistance is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Key features:

  • The pre-chat survey, live typing, and canned responses
  • Shopping card preview, recommend products, and order status
  • Visual chatbot builder and data collection
  • Self-learning mechanism and automated answers
  • Analytics chatbot and operator performance
  • Analytics of satisfaction rate
  • Support messaging channels like Instagram and email


  • Tidio doesn’t support WhatsApp business and Twitter, which is an essential communication channel.
  • Tidio is not open-source, which means developing chatbots is not possible.
  • You can only see messages from one website in the same Tidio tab. Then, it takes a lot of work for those managing multiple websites.
  • It is challenging to incorporate it into a small business as a primary customer service tool.



Communicator (19€/ Month/ 5 Seats)

Chatbots (39€/ Month)

Tidio+ (289€/ Month)

Reviews: 4.7 * on Capterra

If you want to learn more about how Tiledesk stacks up against Tidio, we’ve written an article with all the details. We break down the similarities and differences between these customer support solutions to help you decide which one is the best fit for your needs. Just click the link below to check it out!

Best Alternative to Tidio

5- Crisp

Another powerful free alternative is Crisp, which enables your website to work 7/24 and in many languages. Remember developing customer experiences should tend to be seamless. Another exciting thing about Crisp is in-chat games for customers while waiting for an agent. Crisp also provides a combination of live chat software and chatbots, CRM, and a knowledge base.

Key features:

  • Crisp has a knowledge base feature that lets your business respond instantly to client inquiries.
  • Combination of Chatbots and Live chat
  • Integration with WordPress, Prestashop, and Shopify
  • Segmenting conversations and tickets automatically
  • A shared inbox for WhatsApp business.


  • As it is not open-source software, some companies need help with customizations.
  • Compared to the other players in the market, Crisp integrations need to be improved.
  • Conversations never stop, and old topics are drawn into new ones.


Free (2 Seats)

Pro (25€/ Month/ 4 Seats)

Unlimited (95€/ Month/ 20 Seats)

Reviews: 4.5 * on Capterra

6- Intercom

After a long discussion, we decided to put the Intercom on this list. It’s an expensive tool but very powerful for customer engagement. Intercom offers chatbots, helpdesks, and a high level of customization. Intercom chatbots are using the power of artificial intelligence, and they can provide more accurate answers by passing the time and also generate new leads.

Key features:

  • Integration with WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Share inbox for the team
  • Conversational and resolution bots
  • Salesforce & Marketo integrations
  • A/B testing & control groups
  • Revenue and performance reporting


  • It is expensive compared to other alternatives to
  • According to several reports, Intercom’s help procedure could be quicker


Support (Custom)

Engage (Custom)

Convert (Custom)

Reviews: 4.5 * on Capterra

Looking for cheaper alternatives to Intercom? Check out our article below for the best options, including a free Intercom alternative. Say goodbye to pricey software and hello to better customer support solutions with our top picks!

Top 4 Free Intercom Alternatives & Competitors

Final Thoughts

As we discussed before, to find the best alternatives to, the first step is identifying your business needs and priorities. Each player in this market offers some specific features. Obviously, big companies provide great features, but they are expensive. But some new players or start-ups in the industry offer the same (and in some cases even more) features with cheaper prices.

Generally speaking, in order to make an informed decision, we suggest some options according to the companies’ size.

Tiledesk and Tidio are excellent choices for small and medium-sized companies and start-ups.

Intercom and Freshdesk are good options for big companies.

If you chose Tiledesk as an alternative to, start right now.

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