How to qualify your leads with WhatsApp chatbots

What is the best way to grow your business? And why is it through WhatsApp Lead Generation? To put it simply, you can qualify your leads with WhatsApp chatbots.

But let’s get real with real numbers. WhatsApp is the quickest and the most cost-effective way to reach pretty much anyone, given its 2.2bn of monthly users. 65bn of messages are being exchanged while an average user checks their WhatsApp 25 times in a day!

If you’re wondering how long it takes a person to open new messages, you’ll be hapy to hear it happens within 5 minutes. After all, we have to admit that we spend a lot of time using our smartphones for pretty much everything and anything, especially online shopping.

These are just some of the global WhatsApp stats that may have convinced 50 million companies to get a WhatsApp Business account. By providing your customers a way of reaching you through their favourite communication channel you will logically acquire new leads and expand your clientele. Which inevitabily leads to growth.


WhatsApp Lead Generation with chatbots: step-by-step guide

We’ll take on a Lead-generation ride, buckle up! Here are 4 quick steps about how to qualify your leads with WhatsApp chatbots.


    • Difference between WhatsApp Business app and WhatsApp Business API
    • Free API provider with a live chat plugin and integration guides
    • How to create and style your chatbot
    • How to acquire leads through forms


STEP 1: Understand differences between WhatsApp Business app and WhatsApp Business API

The very first distinction you need to have clear is the one between WhatsApp Business (mobile app) and WhatsApp Business API. In brief, WhatsApp API allows you to overcome all of the limitation of WhatsApp mobile app, such as the maximum number of devices, lack of chatbots and automation to name the few. You can read more about the above differences here or watch the video below.


Main differences between WhatsApp Business app and WhatsApp Business API


STEP 2: Find a free API provider with a live chat plugin and integration guides

Once you’ve established you’d like to chabots and automation benefits from WhatsApp Business (WAB) API, you need an API provider. There are many live chat support solutions for your website. Very few are free, and only one has a free WhatsApp integration.

That’s why we’re not biased when we suggest you create a Tiledesk account first. The next thing to do is to find a fresh number to connect it with your WhatsApp Business API account, as explained here. Finally, connect your new WAB account with Tiledesk, as explained here instead.


See WhatsApp chatbot in action

Well done for completing this round, now you can enjoy more fun and playful steps of this process below.


STEP 3: How to create and style your chatbots

Treat your chatbot as it were your business card. You’ll finally be available 24/7 and will be able to better qualify your leads with WhatsApp chatbots while sleeping. But before you get there, you should learn how to set up your first chatbot and what conversational flow’s options you have.

This is the reason why you can explore all the possible styling options, like enabling quick replies or including images and videos in your conversational flow.


Bonus benefit: FAQs automation to save time and money

Distractions and waste of time can be prevented by letting your chatbot deal with the most repetitive queries. All you have to do is import a csv file containing questions and answers (aka your Knowledge Base) and it’ll all be automated for you.

This will give you and your team more time to focus on other tasks, thus saving labour costs.


STEP 4: How to acquire leads through forms

We’ve finally made it to the last step! Your chatbot is ready and now we need to add the icing on the cake. One of the most useful features in terms of growth and lead generation is the Form builder.



Note: many businesses tend to use a classic pre-chat form that asks for customers’ contact info before even starting a conversation. BUT it isn’t compatible with WhatsApp.


Conversational Form Builder as a perfect WhatsApp Lead Generation Tool

This feature is a bit more sophisticated as it gives your customers a more natural way to engage with your chatbot. A Conversational Form builder allows you to create a set of questions that will be sent through one after another to your customers in a live chat conversation.

Once your customer has provided their name to you, your chatbot will address them by using their name from that point onwards. How cool, right?

The best part? You can custom every conversational form that you wish with endless combinations. The conversation will flow naturally and seamlessly. This is the secret best way to qualify your leads, have a look below.



Bonus benefit: for those of you who prefer ready-made chatbot templates, here’s a wide range of lead generation choices


Note: once designed, your chatbot will be able to run on other comms channels, too such as Telegram and FB Messenger, not just WhatsApp!


Conclusion: am I ready for a better WhatsAppp lead generation?

To sum everything we’ve looked at, here’s the simplest way to better qualify your leads with WhatsApp chatbots.

Firstly, you create an account with a free API provider with a live chat integration, such as Tiledesk. Secondly, you ought to connect your WhatsApp account to Tiledesk.

Now the fun bit is to create a chatbot that will automatically run on WhatsApp. Style it with buttons, images or videos.

Finally engage your customer in a most natural conversation. Such an effortless way to obtain WhatsApp lead generation with chatbots.

And don’t forget, your chatbot won’t only be limited to WhatsApp, but it’ll be available on your business website, too, as shown below.


whatsapp lead generation
Tiledesk widget with different chat options



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