Top 4 WhatsApp Chatbot to Boost Customer Engagement in 2023

WhatsApp is more than just a messaging app. It is a powerful communication channel that connects billions of people around the world.

With over 2 billion monthly active users and 100 billion messages sent every day, WhatsApp is the most popular and widely used chat platform in the world. That’s amazing!

But WhatsApp is not only for personal chats. It is also a great tool for businesses to engage with their customers and prospects. According to a report by Facebook, 175 million people message a WhatsApp Business account every day, and 68% of consumers say they are more likely to buy from a business than they can message.

That’s why having a WhatsApp chatbot is essential for any business that wants to boost customer engagement and sales in 2023.

A WhatsApp chatbot is an automated conversational agent that can interact with your customers on WhatsApp, providing them with information, support, and personalized offers.

open rate for promotions and notifications
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higher conversation resulted from marketing campaigns
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A WhatsApp chatbot can help you:

Generate more leads and conversions by qualifying prospects and sending them to your CRM.

Promote products and services using WhatsApp.

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing instant and relevant responses

Reduce costs and save time by automating repetitive tasks and FAQs

Enhance your brand image and reputation by being available 24/7 on the most trusted chat platform

But how do you create a WhatsApp chatbot? What are the best platforms to use? And what are the benefits and challenges of each one?

In this article, we will answer these questions and more. We will introduce you to the top 4 WhatsApp chatbot providers in 2023, compare their features and pricing, and show you how to create your own WhatsApp chatbot in a few simple steps.

By the end of this article, you will have a clear understanding of the importance of WhatsApp chatbots, the best options available, and how to get started with your own.

Ready? Let’s dive in!

Why You Need a Chatbot to Boost Your Online Business

Have you ever added something to your online shopping cart but then changed your mind and left the website without buying it? If so, you’re not alone. According to a study by Baymard Institute, the average cart abandonment rate across different industries is 69.57%. That means that more than two-thirds of potential customers leave your website without completing a purchase.

But why do people abandon their carts? There are many reasons, such as:

  • They are not ready to buy yet and want to compare prices or options
  • They are confused or have questions about the product or service
  • They are frustrated by a complicated or slow checkout process
  • They are distracted by other things or lose interest

Whatever the reason, cart abandonment is a huge problem for online businesses. It means that you are losing sales, revenue, and customers. It also means that you are wasting your marketing efforts and budget to attract visitors who don’t convert.

So how can you solve this problem? How can you persuade your visitors to complete their purchases and become loyal customers?

The answer is chatbots.

Chatbots are automated conversational agents that can interact with your customers on your website or on WhatsApp. They can provide them with information, support, and personalized offers in real-time. They can also act as assistants that guide them through the buying process and overcome any objections or doubts they may have like human conversations.

Chatbots can help you reduce cart abandonment and increase sales by:

  • Engaging your visitors and capturing their attention
  • Answering their questions and resolving their issues
  • Providing them with relevant recommendations and incentives
  • Simplifying and streamlining the checkout process
  • Following up with them after they leave your website

For example, we at Tiledesk get many compliments that people do not give up on the checkout process because they can find the necessary information or contact the sales agent right away. Our chatbot helps us provide a better customer experience and increase our conversion rate.

If you have an ecommerce or SaaS app or any kind of online business, you might consider that as the alternative for a service or product is getting more and more, the rate of cart abandonment is getting bigger as well.

Because it’s getting hard to decide which one is the best option. According to what our customer experience in this situation, people postpone the checkout process to another time.

But chatbots are solving this problem. They can act as an assistant to provide useful information without considering time zone or language. They can interact, answer, engage, make leads, and segment them.

Imagine how their attitude could be lovely once you turn on your laptop and see they were there all day long, ready to support and generate leads.

It’s not the whole story. Simply, you can integrate your chatbot with CRM platforms like HubSpot. And once a new user starts a conversation with your chatbot either on your website or on WhatsApp, the contact info sends directly to your HubSpot CRM for further marketing activity.

That’s fabulous and the reason that you hear chatbots, conversational apps, conversational AI, and these kinds of topics almost everywhere.

So what are you waiting for? Create your chatbot with our powerful no-code chatbot builder and enjoy many free features.

How to Launch Your Chatbot WhatsApp Business with Tiledesk

Do you want to connect Tiledesk with WhatsApp Business and start using your chatbot on WhatsApp? It’s easier than you think. In this guide, we will show you how to do it in a few minutes.

But first, you need to configure a WhatsApp Business account. This is a prerequisite to using the WhatsApp Business API and communicating with your customers on WhatsApp. To configure a WhatsApp Business account, you can follow our step-by-step tutorial here:

Configure a WhatsApp Business account

Connect Tiledesk with WhatsApp Business

Once you have configured your WhatsApp Business account, you can connect Tiledesk with WhatsApp Business. Here are the steps you need to follow to build a whatsapp chatbot:

  • Login into the Tiledesk Console
  • Go to “Apps”, search for WhatsApp Business app, and click on “Install”, then on “Configure”
  • Enter your WhatsApp permanent or temporary token.
  • Choose a verified token and click on the “Connect” button. Your app is now connected. Click on the “Copy” button to copy the webhook endpoint
  • Go to WhatsApp → Configuration. Then click on “Edit” and paste the URL
  • Click “Subscribe” for the messages option, then click the “Done” button.

That’s it! You have successfully connected Tiledesk with WhatsApp Business. You should be able to receive messages from WhatsApp to your Tiledesk chat. You can find the full visual tutorial in the link below:

Connect Tiledesk with WhatsApp Business

But wait, there’s more. You can also create WhatsApp chatbot templates and send automated messages to your customers. WhatsApp chatbot templates allow you to initiate a conversation with your customer and showcase your product using conversational commerce on WhatsApp. This way, you can be close to your customer and sell more. To learn how to do this, follow the articles below:

Handoff on Whatsapp Chatbot Template

How to Use WhatsApp Templates with Tiledesk

The Top 4 WhatsApp Chatbot Builders in 2023: Features, Pricing, and Comparison

There are many whatsapp chatbots in the market. But In this article, we will introduce you to the four powerful chatbot platforms that can connect with WhatsApp and help you grow your business using artificial intelligence.

Chatbot builder Best for Rate Free version / Trial
Tiledesk WhatsApp chatbots 4,6 ⭐️
Landbot Chatbot UI design 4,5 ⭐️
Freshworks Businesses that use other Freshworks services 4,1 ⭐️
Engati International companies 4 ⭐️


Tiledesk is the #1 no-code chatbot builder for customer engagement and lead generation. If you are looking for a chatbot builder that can help you engage and convert your customers on WhatsApp and other platforms, look no further than Tiledesk. Tiledesk is the #1 chatbot builder that focuses on customer engagement and lead generation. It allows you to create chatbots that can:

  • Interact with your customers on WhatsApp and other platforms like Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and Slack
  • Integrate with third-party applications and CRMs you already use for marketing, ticketing, analytics, and growth
  • Use a drag-and-drop chatbot builder that makes it easy for anyone to create their own conversation flow
  • Customize your chatbots to suit your brand and business goals
  • Use advanced features like natural language processing, sentiment analysis, and conversational analytics
  • Choose from many ready-to-use chatbot templates, like Handoff on WhatsApp chatbot template
  • Provide any kind of integration with its new feature “Web Request”

Over 6000 companies around the world trust Tiledesk from various industries like banking, insurance, e-commerce, professional services, and more. Tiledesk is also open-source software that gives you full control over your data and privacy. You can host your chatbots on your own servers or use Tiledesk’s cloud service.

Whether you want to build a simple FAQ bot or a complex sales bot, Tiledesk has the necessary tools and resources.



whatsapp chatbot


Free: 2 Seats included

Growth: 4 Seats included (25/month)

Scale: 15 Seats included (89/month, WhatsApp Integration Included)

Plus: Custom # Seats (299/month)

More details about prices and features


Landbot is a no-code chatbot builder that lets you create chatbots for WhatsApp and web using a visual interface. You can drag and drop elements, connect them with logic, and customize them with your own style. You can also use advanced features like natural language processing, webhooks, and APIs to make your chatbots more powerful and dynamic. Landbot is used by businesses around the world from various industries like education, health, travel, and more.

Landbot uses WhatsApp’s API to integrate the most popular instant messaging app. The API offered by Facebook (Meta) is under constant improvement, the reliability is fantastic and generates a frictionless experience for your users and for your team. You can also integrate your chatbots with other platforms and services using Landbot’s built-in integrations or custom integrations.


whatsapp chatbot businessPrice:

Sandbox: 1 Seat included

Starter: 1 Seat included (30/month)

Pro: 1 Seat included (80/month, WhatsApp 150)

Business: Custom # Seats (300/month, WhatsApp €300)

* WhatsApp Integration incurs extra costs.

More details about prices and features


If you have a Freshdesk account or using one of their products, Freshworks would be a great option as they have an ecosystem with some different tools. But you need to keep in mind that they charge you separately for each product and feature. For example, if you want to use WhatsApp chatbots, you need to pay for Freshchat and WhatsApp Business API separately. So make sure you compare the pricing and features before you choose Freshworks as your chatbot builder.

You can use Freshchat to provide customer services with WhatsApp messages and other channels like Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, and email.

Some of the other features that Freshworks offers are:

  • Conversations Overview Report: A report that shows you the performance of your chatbots and agents across different channels. You can see metrics like response time, resolution time, satisfaction score, and more.
  • Task Management: A feature that helps you manage your team’s workload and productivity. You can assign tasks to your agents, track their progress, and collaborate with them on resolving issues.


whatsapp chatbot integrationPrice:


Growth: 1 Seat included (18/month, WhatsApp Integration Included)

Pro: 1 Seat included (47/month)

Enterprise: 1 Seat included (83/month)

More details about prices and features


Engati is a customer experience platform powered by conversational automation and intelligence. It is a Low-Code cloud-based chatbot builder and live chat platform that lets you create chatbots for WhatsApp.

Some of the other features that Engati offers are:

  • Dedicated CSM: A dedicated customer success manager who will help you with the setup, deployment, and optimization of your chatbots. Your CSM will provide you with best practices, tips, and guidance on how to make the most of Engati’s platform and features.
  • Custom Reports: A feature that allows you to create custom reports based on your business goals and metrics. You can choose from various parameters like chats, sessions, messages, ratings, intents, entities, channels, languages, locations, devices, browsers, etc. You can also export and share these reports with your team or stakeholders.
  • Priority Support: A feature that gives you access to priority support from Engati’s team of experts. You can get faster responses and resolutions for any issues or queries you may have. You can also request new features or enhancements that suit your business needs.


chatbot for whatsapp



Pricing depends on your requirements. Additional information on pricing and features is available here.

Final thoughts

Having a WhatsApp chatbot can make your business shine. Chatbots are way more intelligent than a year ago, and they have an even better future by leveraging AI. They can help you engage and convert your customers on the most popular chat platform in the world.

But how do you choose the best chatbot builder for your business? It depends on your budget and goal, but our experts are ready to help you make the right decision.

We have reviewed the top 4 WhatsApp chatbot builders in 2023: Tiledesk, Landbot, Freshworks, and Engati. Each has its features, pricing, number of seats available, and advantages. You can compare them and see which one suits your needs best.

Don’t wait any longer. Sign up or get a demo today and start creating your own WhatsApp chatbot with the best chatbot builder for your business.

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