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Have you ever considered improving customer service with a free chatbot for your website? Or launch a chatbot for your website to help your support team? Everyone should be aware of the importance of having chatbots to manage customer communication in the best possible way. But If someone still has some doubt about the chatbots, this customer story will explain in detail how chatbots can help successfully answer 92% of the customer queries of TRAQO without human intervention.

Stories are amazing, and the best part of a good story is that it enables us to understand others’ conditions, problems, and solutions. Knowing how a person gets through difficulties and finds a solution is enjoyable and inspires us.
Let’s dive into this fascinating customer story and learn together from Himanshu Sahu, IT manager of TRAQO. He chose Tiledesk and made a tremendous positive impact regarding customer support.

Some words about TRAQO

free chatbot for your website

TRAQO is a SaaS platform that offers intelligent logistics services such as vehicle tracking, freight procurement, invoice auditing and reconciliation, and more. Traqo is constructing logistical infrastructure to eliminate the chaos of freight and transportation in India. The platform offers complete logistical visibility as well as a cloud-based TMS.

Determining the problem

As we discussed, Traqo has provided some exciting products to develop the logistic operation of companies for years. In order to materialize this purpose, it provides integrations with Oracle, SAP, Gmail, WhatsApp, and many more. Although for the customer of Traqo, these features and services are amazing but managing all these stuff takes time and energy. And imagine that people usually start conversations in various communication channels and issue tickets with different priorities.

Different tickets have different priorities, which might cause high-priority tickets to be lost in the haystack. To cope with all these issues, we did choose Tiledesk to streamline our support channel.

Himanshu Sahu

The Tiledesk Solutions

Despite the fact that the market is crowded with competitors offering a variety of customer support tools and services, they chose Tiledesk for the following reasons:

At Tiledesk, we work hard every day to improve our product while also providing our customers with the highest degree of personalization and flexibility. 

Tiledesk latest updates

Although we provide an AI-powered chatbot builder with many ready-to-use chatbot templates, we also allow our customer to use their own chatbots and communicate with their Agents or End-users easily. 

Connect your own chatbots to Tiledesk

Indeed, In order to encourage innovation, promote standardization, and enable the exchange of technical know-how among tens of thousands of developers worldwide, we designed Tiledesk as an open-source stack.

Why Tiledesk is open-source?

We also provide a smart ticketing assignment system that helps businesses to use their resources in the best possible way efficiently. 

Smart Ticketing System

And finally, we offer many ways to support our customers at every step.

We did come across many enterprise products, as well as open-source ones, but Tiledesk was something that did offer us the customization and flexibility we wanted. We wanted to create independent support channels corresponding to our modules and each support channel to be dealt with separately, some being connected to bots in the background, some to the agents, and also taking into account the hybrid ones.

Vaibhav Kumar

Tiledesk impacts

Although Traqo is using its own chatbots, the integration with Tiledesk has greatly impacted customer service improvements.
Let’s see some Tiledesk impacts together:

  • Now they are able to prioritize the tickets (which correspond to the various modules) and handle them properly.
  • Reduce the likelihood of passing along a customer’s contact information to an agent with higher expertise or experience.
  • Reduce overhead on the support team, too, as they attached tiledesk to their bots for automation.
  • Create a centralized platform for organizing periodic tickets from different support groups (mail, etc.).
Customer Onboarding is much easier with Tiledesk. Over time, we added more functionalities, created bots in the background, and improved the experience and customer success percentage.

Himanshu Sahu

We genuinely like discussing our solutions with our customers since that is the only way we can be certain we are moving in the correct path. Our mission is to provide something helpful for our customers, and we are happy to announce that we have done so. Let’s have a look at some statistics that Traqo shared with us. Statistics don’t lie. That makes us happy.

• Chatbots solved 92% of our queries. We realized that many of the queries are pretty basic and can be handled by essential services in the background.
• We are able to migrate customers from the support groups to Tiledesk channels at a steady rate of 20% over the month.
• With Tiledesk’s analytics, we could figure out bottlenecks like customer churning reasons and sort out ongoing issues much faster.
• We improved much on the response time as well as the customer satisfaction part.
• Now we can handle about 95% of tickets without worrying about missing even one support ticket daily.

Vaibhav Kumar

Start customer service evolution right now.

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