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The importance of live chat customer support for a business

A successful business is the result of hundreds or thousands of tiny decisions made over time. And ideally, everyone realizes that each decision requires time, thought, and investigation. Reading the company owners’ stories helps us understand how they made developments. How could they overcome difficulties and stand out from their competitors? Or even some complex decisions like the best live chat for a business?

Let’s discuss and learn from Promise Uzoechi, CEO and Co-Founder of Pelrio, who could overcome customer support and lead generation challenges with an open-source chatbot builder. 


Pelrio is an innovative start-up that helps other small businesses to manage their financial resources smoothly. Interestingly they are a cashflow management tool that uses artificial intelligence to create real-time analytics and cash flow forecast. Some of their exciting solutions are: 

  • Scenario Planning 
  • Expense control 
  • Real-time multi-banking 
  • Easy collaboration for teammates 
  • Invoice capture
live chat for business

As you can see, they provide good services and are growing fast. Like all other companies, they started their activities on social media and supported their customers with emails or direct messages. But by getting more and more customers, problems emerged. 

Making an excellent customer experience with traditional tools is impossible, and handling numerous customers requires more robust customer interaction tools. 

Among many tools and competitors, they chose Tiledesk to help them provide a better customer experience and generate leads for future development. 

But why Tiledesk? 

“Tiledesk is unlike other Livechat providers we have come across. We chose Tiledesk because it is an open-source project that is AI-powered. Most importantly, it’s relatively very affordable.” 

Promise Uzoechi

Tiledesk is among the few competitors that provide open-source chatbot builders that use the power of artificial intelligence. These chatbots can efficiently combine with live chat and quickly integrate with the most important communication channels like Facebook messengerWhatsApp Business and Telegram. Also, Tiledesk has a unified messaging that enables your agents to work as efficiently as possible. And with the adaptive multichannel feature, they can instantly see all messages from different messaging channels in one inbox and answer customer questions. 

best open source chatbot framework

Have a look at the other integrations in the link below:

Quick and easy integration with Tiledesk

Another reason that made Promise convinced to use Tiledesk in this competitive industry was that Tiledesk provides a highly user-friendly solution. 

“What’s amazing about Tiledesk is its extremely simple-to-integrate workflow and user-friendly solution.”

Promise Uzoechi

All business owners know the importance of excellent customer support. A seamless customer service that provides 7/24 customer support with instant response makes your business reliable. 

We already discussed the importance of automated customer service in the article below: 

Advantages of automated customer service

Our mission at Tiledesk is to make businesses stronger regarding customer service. And we are glad to inform you that we have achieved our goal.  

Let’s see what the Promise comment is about our solutions: 

“Tiledesk has revolutionalized how we do customer support. Now it saves us time and resources. However, implementing Tiledeask gave us a cleaner user experience and helped to boost our response time compared to social media and email, thereby driving our increased conversion rate and engagement.” 

Promise Uzoechi

We helped Pelrio’s customers to get answers in less than 23 seconds.

We interview our customers regularly to stay close to the customer needs as much as possible. We get feedback from business owners and customer support teams to be up-to-date with our services’ most demanding features. 

Tiledesk is an open-source platform offering free services like live chat software and quickly building chatbots. 

You can see all other features in the link below: 

Features and plans

Our solutions helped Pelrio to reduce the first live chat response to customer queries to less than 23 seconds in real time. With push notifications, the Tiledesk app makes customer support quick and simple. In this scenario, even without a laptop, you may respond to consumer queries on your smartphone. 

“We are exploring experimenting with chatbots because of the need to provide 24/7 support and unlimited additional capacity when chat volumes increase.” 

Promise Uzoechi

We like discussing our services and welcome any feedback. We have an open-source community, a Developer Hub, and a Knowledge base to assist our customers quickly and effectively. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are experiencing any difficulties. 

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