How to Use WhatsApp Follow-Up Message to Boost Your Sales

If you are reading this, you probably already know the importance of WhatsApp follow-up messages. Or maybe you have received a product recommendation or an appointment reminder via WhatsApp, and you thought it would be amazing for your business.

You are absolutely right. Whatsapp can play an important role in increasing sales by providing a new kind of marketing funnel.

The buying process has changed from waiting for the customer to choose the right product or service to proactively offering the right solution to the right person.

Let me explain it with an example. Imagine you have an ecommerce website, and many people visit it, but only a fraction of them decide to buy. That’s great, but do you know how hard it is for customers to choose among different products on your website? And not to mention the many other options out there on the web that are competing for your potential customer attention.

This is why both customers and business owners are looking for a way to facilitate the buying process.

One of the smartest and most effective solutions to address this challenge is using WhatsApp to offer your products and services.

WhatsApp follow-up message templates are ready-made messages that can help you to:

Share urgent or important news, like product recalls, policy changes, or special offers.

Answer questions, concerns, or feedback from your customers quickly.

Remind your customers of their payments, invoices, or subscriptions, and give them payment options or links.

Confirm, remind, or update your customers on their reservations, appointments, bookings, or events.

Tell your customers the shipping status, tracking number, or delivery details of their orders.

Give your customers ticketing updates, such as seat numbers, gate numbers, boarding times, or flight changes.

If you think WhatsApp, as one of the most powerful communication channels, can help you increase sales and brand image, keep reading.

We will provide WhatsApp message templates for different industries and purposes.

Configure a WhatsApp Business account

Before we dive into WhatsApp message templates, let me tell you how easy it is to set up a WhatsApp Business account. Just follow our simple guide and connect your WhatsApp number with Tiledesk using our free WhatsApp Business API integration.

This will let you use WhatsApp message templates with Tiledesk to communicate with your customers better. Trust me. It’s worth it! And if you face difficulties, don’t worry. We have a dedicated support team to help in every step.

How to configure a WhatsApp Business account

Connect Tiledesk with WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business virtual number providers

What are WhatsApp message templates, and why do you need them?

A message template for WhatsApp is a pre-written message that you can use to communicate with your customers via WhatsApp. They are also known as Highly Structured Messages (HSMs) as they have a fixed structure and format that you need to follow.

You need WhatsApp message templates for two main reasons:

To comply with the WhatsApp Business API rules and regulations.

WhatsApp requires that you submit and get approval for every message template that you want to use for outbound communication. This is to ensure that you are not sending spam or promotional messages to your customers without their consent.

You can only send outbound messages to customers who have opted-in to receive messages from you and within 24 hours of their last message to you. After 24 hours, you can only use approved message templates to initiate a conversation with them.

To automate and optimize your communication with your customers.

WhatsApp message templates allow you to create and send messages that are relevant, personalized, and consistent. You can use variables or placeholders in your message templates that will be replaced with dynamic content based on your data.

For example, you can use {{1}} to insert the customer’s name, {{2}} to insert the order number, {{3}} to insert the delivery date, and so on. This way, you can save time and effort, as well as improve your customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Expert Tips: How to Use Tiledesk Chatbot for WhatsApp Templates

Discover how to use Tiledesk chatbot for WhatsApp templates to create interactive and engaging conversations with your customers and boost your conversion rates. People expect a response that is accurate and fast. That is what chatbots are experts in.

Follow this step-by-step visual tutorial and see the difference for yourself.

How to use WhatsApp templates with Tiledesk

WhatsApp Business Message Templates: Best Samples for Different Industries


If you run an ecommerce business, you may know about the importance of greeting messages for businesses. You can use WhatsApp Business message templates to communicate with your customers effectively. You can send messages to promote your products, confirm orders, send shipping updates, request feedback, or offer customer support. You can copy or customize these template messages as you like.


Delivery Date

Hi {{1}}, thank you for ordering from {{2}}. πŸ‘‹ Your order number {{3}} is confirmed and will be delivered to you on {{4}}. We will send you a confirmation message when your order is out for delivery.

Button 1: Order Details

Button 2: Change Delivery Address


Delivery Update

Hi {{1}}, your order from {{2}} is on its way. 🚚 Your order number {{3}} has been dispatched and is expected to arrive on {{4}}. You can track your order status using the link below.

Button 1: Stay up to Date

Button 2: Change Delivery Date


Product Recommendation

Hi {{1}}, we hope you are enjoying your order from {{2}}. πŸ‘ Your order number {{3}} has been delivered, and we hope you are satisfied with your purchase. We have some suggestions for products that you might like based on your order.

Button 1: Recommended Products

Button 2: Rate Your Order


Abandoned Cart

Hey {{1}}, don’t let these items slip away! 😊 You added them to your cart at {{2}}, but you didn’t check out yet. We’ve saved them for you for the next 24 hours, but they won’t last long!

Button 1: Checkout Now

Button 2: See Items

Financial Services

Financial services is another industry that can leverage WhatsApp Business message templates to communicate with their customers effectively. You can use WhatsApp to send messages to inform your customers about their account balances, transactions, statements, bills, payments, alerts, or your business hours.


Account Balance

Hi {{1}}, thank you for banking with {{2}}. πŸ‘‹ Your account balance as of {{3}} is {{4}}. You can view your transaction history and statement using the buttons below.

Button 1: Transaction History

Button 2: View Statement

Button 3: Chat with Us


Transaction Alert

Hi {{1}}, this is an alert from {{2}}. 🚨 We have detected a transaction on your account that may be fraudulent. The transaction details are as follows:

{{3}} (transaction date, amount, merchant, location, etc.)

If you recognize this transaction, please ignore this message. If you do not recognize this transaction, please reply to this message or call us immediately at {{4}}.

Button 1: Confirm Transaction

Button 2: Report Transaction

Button 3: Call Us


Bill Reminder

Hi {{1}}, this is a reminder from {{2}}. πŸ’³ Your bill for {{3}} is due on {{4}}. The total amount due is {{5}}. You can pay your bill online or on our app using your preferred payment method.

Button 1: Pay Bill

Button 2: Schedule Payment

Button 3: Report an Issue


Payment Confirmation

Hi {{1}}, this is a confirmation from {{2}}. βœ… We have received your payment for {{3}}. The payment details are as follows:

{{4}} (payment date, amount, method, confirmation number, etc.)

Thank you for your timely payment. You can view your payment history and balance using the buttons below.

Button 1: Payment History

Button 2: View Balance


Financial Advice

Hi {{1}}, this is a message from {{2}}. πŸ‘ We are here to help you achieve your financial goals and improve your financial well-being. We have some tips and resources that you might find useful based on your profile and preferences.

Button 1: Learn How to Save More

Button 2: Learn How to Invest Wisely

IT Operations & Business Process Outsourcing

IT Operations & BPO is an industry that can use WhatsApp Business message templates to communicate with their clients and employees effectively. You can use WhatsApp to send messages to update your clients on the status of their projects, tasks, issues, or requests. You can also use WhatsApp to communicate with your employees about their schedules, assignments, feedback, or training.


Schedule Update

Hey {{1}}, this is {{2}}. πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ Your next meeting with {{3}} has changed for the next week. Please have a look and confirm if there are no other tasks. Also, the guideline for the meeting has been published, and you can access it via the button below.

Button 1: View Meeting Details

Button 2: Confirm Meeting

Button 3: See Guideline


Assignment Reminder

Hi {{1}}, this is {{2}}. πŸ‘ You are doing a great job and we appreciate your hard work. We just want to remind you that you have an assignment due on {{3}}. The assignment details are as follows:

{{4}} (assignment name, description, instructions, etc.)

Please make sure you complete and submit your assignment on time. You can access your assignment online or on our app.

Button 1: Start Assignment

Button 2: Remind Me Later


Feedback Request

Hello {{1}} πŸ™Œ We value your feedback, and we want to hear from you. How do you feel about your work experience with us? What do you like, and what can we improve?

Please take a few minutes to complete this survey and share your thoughts with us.

The survey is anonymous and confidential, and it will help us improve our services and support for you.

Button 1: Start Survey


Training Invitation

Hi {{1}}, this is a message from {{2}}. πŸ‘‹ We have an exciting opportunity for you: a training session on {{3}}. This is a chance to learn new skills and improve your performance.

The training session will cover the following topics:

{{4}} (training topics, objectives, outcomes, etc.)

The training session will take place on {{5}} at {{6}}.

Button 1: Register Now

Button 2: View Training Materials


WhatsApp Business message templates offer numerous advantages for the education industry. Keep students updated on courses, assignments, grades, and feedback.

Engage parents by sharing their children’s progress, attendance, and behavior. Streamline communication with team members regarding schedules, meetings, and training. Maximize the potential of WhatsApp in education.


Course Update

Hey there, {{1}}! I wanted to reach out and share some exciting updates regarding your course on {{3}}. We’ve added new content and activities to enhance your learning experience. You can easily access the course with the below buttons.

Button 1: Check Your Course Progress

Button 2: View Course Feedback


Assignment Alert

Hi {{1}}, this is an assignment alert from {{2}}. πŸ‘ You have an assignment due on {{3}} for your course on {{4}}. The assignment details are as follows:

{{5}} (assignment name, description, instructions, etc.)

Please make sure you complete and submit your assignment on time. You can access your assignment via the buttons below.

Button 1: Start Assignment


Grade Notification

Hey there, {{1}}! We have some exciting news from {{2}}. πŸŽ‰ Your assignment for the course on {{4}}, submitted on {{3}}, has been graded, and we’re thrilled to inform you that you received a grade of {{5}}. Congrats on your achievement!

To check your grade, simply tap one of the options below. πŸ‘‡

Button 1: View Grade

Button 2: Chat with Us


Parent Update

Dear {{1}}, we’re excited to share an update from {{2}}!

We want to keep you in the loop about your child’s fantastic progress and attendance in our program. πŸ“’ So far, they’ve successfully completed {{3}}% of the program and have attended an impressive {{4}}% of the sessions.

Button 1: Check Progress

Button 2: Track Attendance

Button 3: Share Your Feedback

Telecom & Media

WhatsApp Business message templates revolutionize communication in the Telecom & Media industry. Engage customers effortlessly, sharing updates on plans, services, bills, and offers.

Address feedback, complaints, and requests promptly. Deliver entertaining, informative, and educational content with quick replies. Elevate customer satisfaction and engagement with WhatsApp in Telecom & Media.


Plan Update

Hi {{1}}, we have some great news for you! We have upgraded your plan to include more data, minutes, and SMS at no extra cost. You can now enjoy faster speeds, unlimited calls, and more texts with your new plan. To see the details of your new plan, please click the button below.

Button: View Your New Plan


Service Update

Hello {{1}}, we are happy to inform you that we have improved our service in your area. You can now experience better coverage, clearer voice quality, and more reliable connections with our enhanced network. To check the status of our service in your location, please click the button below.

Button: Check Service Status


Bill Update

Greetings {{1}}, we hope you are enjoying our services. We would like to remind you that your bill for this month is due on {{2}}. You can easily pay your bill online with our secure payment system. To view your bill and make a payment, please click the button below.

Button: Pay Your Bill


Offer Update

Hey {{1}}, we have a special offer just for you! For a limited time, you can get a free subscription to {{3}}, the leading streaming platform for movies, shows, and music. You can watch unlimited content on any device with your free subscription. To claim your offer, please click the button below.

Button: Claim Your Offer


Complaint Response

Dear {{1}}, we apologize for the inconvenience caused by {{2}}. We understand your frustration, and we are working hard to resolve the issue as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience and cooperation in this matter. To track the status of your complaint, please click the button below.

Button: Track Your Complaint


Request Response

Hi {{1}}, thank you for contacting us regarding {{2}}. We are glad to assist you with your request. We have processed your request, and you will receive a confirmation email shortly. To review your request details, please click the button below.

Button: Review Your Request


Content Delivery

Hello {{1}}, we have something exciting for you! We have curated a list of the best content from {{3}} that matches your interests and preferences. You can discover new movies, shows, and music that you will love. To access your personalized content list, please click the button below.

Button: Access Your Content List

Boost your sales with WhatsApp and Tiledesk! Sign up for free and discover our specialized solutions for your needs. Don’t wait, start now!

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