Top 4 free ai chatbots for websites to boost your business

Believe it or not, chatbots play an essential role in increasing customer service satisfaction. Day by day, more companies are stepping inside automated conversation through chatbots. It’s not only a cold conversation like it used to be before, but now chatbots are more intelligent than ever. They can understand customers’ intentions and answer appropriately. A free ai chatbot for website can manage multitasks simultaneously, in different languages, and 24/7. Then take advantage of this chance to grow your business freely with a few efforts.

We at Tiledesk support you with our experts and communities in every implementation step. In this article, we are going to discuss the importance of having chatbots, the implementation process, and introducing the big players in this industry. Then let’s not waste time and jump inside.

What is an AI chatbot?

You are probably looking for a free ai chatbot for your website, which means you know precisely what a chatbot is, but let’s have a concise review together before moving on.

Chatbots are everywhere, and we are using them regularly. Imagine if you need help with your bank account or support with your delayed flight. You will start a conversation through their websites or apps. Almost all the time, the chatbot steps inside the discussion primarily to ensure that the support process has begun. They start responding to customers’ inquiries with some proper canned responses. Studies show that in 2022, about 70% of conversations were conducted entirely with chatbots. Compared to previous years, companies save a lot of time and money supporting their customers through chatbots.

Remember, the importance of having a chatbot for online stores is higher than for other businesses.

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We love how chatbots handle and manage conversations, and we hope you do as well.

Before continuing, although the process seems to be complex but is not; nowadays, some companies provide drag-and-drop interfaces or ready-to-use chatbot templates that make everything as easy as possible for small businesses or fast-growing startups.

Advantages of free ai chatbot for website

As we discussed, building chatbots is easy and requires zero coding knowledge, thanks to free chatbot builder platforms. But they provide countless benefits for your business. We will mention only a few features of chatbots, and you can imagine how these features can provide many advantages freely. What are the benefits of a chatbot for website? Here you are

Chatbots are available on 7/24. No matter when your customer decides to contact you, they are always available to solve customers’ issues regardless of the location, zone, and even language. Yes, that’s right, they can answer in many languages and generate qualified leads.

68% of users like how quickly chatbots respond. Chatbots provide an instant response, which is essential for your customers. Quick response is what your customers expect; do not let them down. Chatbots use natural language processing (NLP) to answer accurately.

Remember that although chatbots are great for answering repetitive questions, you also need human agents to support your customer with complex issues. Chatbots can reduce the number of agents you need to help your customers by answering simple questions and leaving the complex ones for your agents. According to one of our customers, chatbots help them to answer more than 90% of frequently asked questions thoroughly without human intervention.

Centralizing information for all messages is what every customer support team needs it. Imagine your customer starts a conversation from Facebook messenger or whatsapp or even by email. Managing all these conversations in one single inbox is adorable. You will not miss any conversation that makes your customers and human agents happy.

One of the favorite features of chatbots is their analytics. Almost all of our customers mentioned how chatbot analytics can help them develop their businesses and find their bottlenecks. Our competitors offer analytics too, but not for free, while as we figure out how this feature is essential, we provide it as our free forever plan.

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We offer much more integrations and features for free, which you can find in the knowledge base and developer hub.

How to start designing a chatbot

We work hard to provide everything you need in the easiest way possible. We know how is important to provide a fast implementation process for business owners. That’s why our experts stepped inside to create some ready-to-use chatbot templates. When you decide about the chatbot template, you can quickly sign up and choose the proper one according to your needs. (free and no credit card required) You can modify everything to improve customer experience or keep them as default. Keep in mind that you can create a chatbot from the beginning or even order a chatbot template. Our experts will help you gladly in every step. We created different communities to support our customers as we know how busy they could be.

Chatbot templates

Personalize and customize chatbot templates to meet your specific requirements. They are powered by artificial intelligence, meaning they may be trained to deliver better responses to subsequent conversations by passing the time. We offer many chatbot templates for different purposes. Let’s take a quick look at some of the most beloved ones in the link below:

Free Chatbot Templates

Discover Chatbot Design Studio

Take a moment and look at our newest evolutionary no-code Chatbot Design Studio. Create your personalized chatbot and conversational app from the very beginning without coding knowledge. Now creating a chatbot is more fun and easy with excellent visualization.

chatbot design studio

Best AI-powered chatbot platforms


Tiledesk is an open-source chatbot builder that provides the highest level of customization and support. Tiledesk is an innovative company that offers many products for free while its competitors are costly. You can use this Ai-powered to increase customer interaction, sales, and customer service. Thanks to it, you may interact with people through various channels and improve consumer relationships. Tiledesk has an easy dashboard and mobile app to answer customers’ inquiries anytime, anywhere. You may build your own chatbot scenarios based on your priorities or customer behaviors or utilize a chatbot template.

Key features:


Free forever: 2 Seats included

Growth: 25 €/ month/ 4 Seats included

Scale: 89 €/ month/ 15 Seats included

Plus: 299 €/ month/ Custom # Seats

Explore pricing options and features

Create your first chatbot right now. It’s fun.


Tidio is among the best free ai chatbot providers that help businesses improve customer service. It’s easy to use, and creating a chatbot doesn’t require coding skills. The mobile application works flawlessly and provides all the features to simplify conversations. Tidio is very simple to connect with the most widely used e-commerce systems, including Shopify, WordPress, Wix, and other CRM and email marketing platforms. Tidio also provides a single dashboard from which you can view visitor activity on your website in real-time.

Key features:

  • Live Chat conversation
  • JavaScript API
  • Visitors Info
  • Analytics
  • Email, 24/5 Live Chat support


Free: 3 Seats included

Starter: 29 €/ month/ 3 Seats included

Communicator: 95 €/ month/ 5 Seats included

Chatbots: 19 €/ month/ 3 Seats included

Explore pricing options and features

  • Zapier integration
  • Visual Chatbot Editor
  • Email marketing
  • Multisite support


Dialogflow supports both voice and text communications. It is a platform owned by Google and allows all businesses to improve customer interactions. Like other competitors, it uses NLP and Machine learning to provide a better experience. Keep in mind that Dialogflow is an excellent choice for developers. If you are using Dialogflow and need to add live agents, you can combine Dialogflow with Tiledesk with a couple of clicks. It’s easy and efficient, and no coding knowledge is required.

Key features:

  • Create chatbots that are simple and fast
  • Quick and straightforward to use
  • Speech and text interactions are supported
  • AI with strong capabilities


The cost is determined by the number of requests each month.

Explore pricing options and features

  • Multilingual support
  • Visual builder of conversation flows
  • Integrates with sites including Twitter, Slack, and Facebook Messenger

For automating social media, (formerly MobileMonkey) is among the best options. With the help of this chatbot creation tool, you can make chatbots for various platforms, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, and many more. Additionally, it offers automated customer support by responding to FAQs. Meanwhile, has an automatic lead generation feature. But it lacks various integrations.

Key features:

  • One multi-channel inbox
  • Advanced automation for SMS, webchat, Instagram, and Facebook
  • Instant satisfaction surveys
  • Nurture leads down-funnel



Starter: $249 / month

Pro: $499 / month

Enterprise: Custom

Explore pricing options and features

  • Reduce outbound risks
  • Scale sales outreach
  • Automation builder templates
  • Website lead generation tools

Sign up for free and take benefit of free AI-powered chatbot features


All you need to make your customers and live agents happy simultaneously.

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