7 Best WhatsApp Chatbot Templates for Different Industries

The WhatsApp Business API allows businesses of different sizes to embed chatbots into their WhatsApp business accounts. Since WhatsApp released this feature, we at Tiledesk have prioritized enabling our chatbot to integrate seamlessly with WhatsApp.

We at Tiledesk have positioned ourselves among the top chatbot builders, focusing on generating and qualifying leads. Moreover, it really makes sense to develop our tool in a way that our customers can take full advantage of the leads they generate through their website or app.

We are all aware of WhatsApp’s importance as the world’s biggest messaging channel, with around 2 billion active users. But more importantly, the WhatsApp open rate is almost 98%, much higher than other communication channels.

Now, happily, we are there. We have the full package for generating and qualifying leads and nurturing them via WhatsApp to convert leads into buying customers. In this article, we will see the 7 best WhatsApp chatbot examples for your inspiration in different industries.

Note that Tiledesk is an omnichannel tool, and its chatbots integrate with many more channels, but our focus for this article will be on WhatsApp.

7 Best WhatsApp Chatbot Ideas

1- WhatsApp Chatbot for Ecommerce

If you have an e-commerce business, a WhatsApp chatbot is a must for you. E-commerce is among the industries that need really powerful communication to establish trust and reliability. Let’s see what a WhatsApp bot would bring to the table for your business:

  • You can reduce cart abandonment with a WhatsApp message reminder.
  • A proactive chatbot that initiates conversations for new deals and promotions.
  • Higher average order value by cross-selling and up-selling by recommending personalized products.
  • Provide step-by-step updates about shipments.
  • Answer FAQs with chatbots and get human agents involved in complex situations.

According to what our e-commerce customers have experienced on average, they have:

  • 4x increase in customer engagement
  • 18% increase in sales
  • 60% of abandoned carts turned into purchases

whatsapp chatbot for ecommerce

2- WhatsApp Chatbot for Clinic

WhatsApp chatbot is a secure way to start a conversation with your customers. WhatsApp uses the Signal encryption protocol, and Tiledesk is open-source software that assures you and your customers that their medical data will be absolutely safe.

But how can a WhatsApp bot help your clinic?

We all agree that we sometimes need to remember important things like our doctor appointments or getting our test results. This is where the WhatsApp chatbot comes in to help your patients. It provides the following solutions:

  • Let your patients see your availability and schedule an appointment.
  • Send automatic reminders to your customers about their appointments via WhatsApp.
  • Share their test results using WhatsApp messages.
  • Provide quotations and services in real time.
  • Promote your special and seasonal offers.
  • Answer repetitive questions like working hours and address them with a WhatsApp bot.
  • Increase patient trust and loyalty.

If you want to know more about the capabilities of chatbots for the healthcare industry, read the article below:

Improve Patient Satisfaction with Chatbots in Healthcare Industry

3- WhatsApp Chatbot for Travel Agency

WhatsApp chatbot provides the fastest communication ever. Undoubtedly, every business needs fast communication, but for a Travel Agency, it is much more critical. People, while traveling, face unexpected situations and expect you to help them around the clock. Let’s go deeper and see how a chatbot in WhatsApp can boost your revenue and customer satisfaction.

  • Send important reminders about flight dates, check-ins, etc
  • Automate routine tasks and answer repetitive questions with no need for human touch
  • Send timely recommendations to your leads and keep them engaged
  • Promote your seasonal deals and promotions
  • Up-sell additional services and cross-sell relevant activities to boost revenue

whatsapp chatbot for travel agency

• Bots handle 52% of conversations without ever reaching our human agents.
• Save 30 hours of support-agent time over a month for our startup.

Peter Xu

Read the full story here.

4- WhatsApp Chatbot for University

Every year, universities spend a lot of money and time to support students with similar questions. Students ask about courses, tuition, timetables, professors, and much more. Supporting thousands of students with lots of questions is not easy at all.

That could be the reason many universities have started using chatbots to cut student support costs and provide real-time services. A WhatsApp chatbot can be beneficial for educational organizations in many different ways, like:

  • Share sensitive deadlines like registration, paying tuition, and starting semesters.
  • Provide real-time answers to repetitive questions, and keep human agents just for complex situations.
  • A WhatsApp bot can serve many students simultaneously without getting tired or confused.
  • Communicate course materials, exam dates, and course agendas
  • Send events, programs, and seminars using a WhatsApp message.
I’m thrilled to share that thanks to our integration with Tiledesk, we’re now able to answer 87% of your inquiries with lightning-fast chatbots! This means our support team can focus on the more complex issues while you get quick, personalized assistance around the clock.

Greg Lazzaro

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whatsapp best chatbot for college

Being close to our students is our priority. We were looking for an innovative tool to provide direct online contact with the Unisalento administration offices that would also improve the efficiency of the support staff. After a careful market analysis, we found an interesting live chat solution: Tiledesk.

Mauro Merico

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whatsapp chatbot for university

5- WhatsApp Chatbot for Digital Agency

A WhatsApp chatbot is a must-have for digital agencies. Because they must be more innovative than other companies. Their specialization is making websites, social media apps, and in general, different kinds of communications. Then they cannot afford to ignore the importance of having WhatsApp as the widespread messaging app. A WhatsApp bot can bring automation for time-consuming daily tasks and make their businesses stand out in this competitive market.

You should start now if you have a digital agency and are still not using a WhatsApp chatbot. It can bring many benefits to your business like:

  • Be close to your customers and take advantage of WhatsApp Business with a 98% message open rate. That’s fantastic!
  • Announce your services to your leads and convert them into buying customers
  • Promote your deals and promotions
  • Share tips and short tutorials to keep your customers engaged and interested
  • Position yourself as a pioneer in the industry
  • Launch effective WhatsApp campaigns like never before
  • Keep your customers up-to-date about their projects and progress

6- WhatsApp Chatbot for Restuarant

About 90% of our decisions are made unconsciously. What does that mean? If someone gets a message on WhatsApp and sees a list of (Italian) food, it would be likely to order something. Not because Italian foods are unique because you did your job great. That’s true, especially if you send a message at the right time.

You don’t need traditional advertising. Keep your services up-to-date and enjoy the effectiveness of a WhatsApp chatbot for your restaurant. And that’s not all. There are some more which we have gathered below:

  • Share food images, ingredients, and processes with a WhatsApp message to attract customers’ attention.
  • Let your customers order food online with the WhatsApp bot and see the real-time delivery process.
  • Propose reserving tables for the weekend or high-demand periods.
  • Promote your events like live music with the WhatsApp bot, and rest assured your message will be seen.
  • Ask for customer feedback to know them and their expectations better.

7- WhatsApp Chatbot for Bank

Financial services are another industry that urgently needs a WhatsApp chatbot for its communications. As we discussed before, open-source chatbots can provide the most secure conversations. You have a strong, highly secure communication package once integrated with a secure messaging channel like WhatsApp.

Many chatbot platforms are in the market, but only a few are open-source and support WhatsApp integration. Notably, Tiledesk is among them.

We believe in the power of the open-source community to accelerate innovation speed and let our customers keep their data safe.

Let’s see how WhatsApp bots can be beneficial for banks:

  • Keep your customers updated about their recurring payments one day before with automatic WhatsApp messages.
  • Share payment links via message or let your customers pay inside the chat widget.
  • Promote your offers and promotions.
  • A WhatsApp bot can act as a personal assistant and provide different guidance and tutorials autonomously.
  • Provide services like checking balances, changing passwords, and transactions via WhatsApp.
  • Initiate a conversation on WhatsApp and ask for feedback to get some insight from your customers.

We at Tiledesk have extensive experience working with big companies like Generali in the insurance section.

Let’s see how we help them to handle more than 90% of the requests by bots.

whatsapp bot for financial services

There are also many benefits to using a WhatsApp chatbot tool for other businesses. You can create an extraordinary customer experience using ai chatbot for customer service and support.

A chatbot uses artificial intelligence. In fact, chatbot conversations are like human conversations, and during these conversations, the chatbot provides customer support and asks for phone numbers, emails, and other information. Moreover, at the edge of technology, the biggest limitation is just our imagination.

Where to start

To create a WhatsApp bot, you need to follow Meta’s rules and processes. Firstly, you need to create a WhatsApp Business account. Afterward, creating a chatbot and connecting it to your WhatsApp Business account is just ONE click away. However, as the process of making a WhatsApp API might seem complex, we have provided detailed and visual tutorials to help you do that.

Let’s follow the tutorials below and make your WhatsApp chatbot together.

And here is our tutorial for sending WhatsApp message templates.

Sign up now and take advantage of having an intelligent chatbot along with a strong communication channel like WhatsApp

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